IBM Watson Tone analyser, helps process big social data

IBM: Watson tone analyser

When it comes to AI, IBM has some incredible tools. The Watson tone analyser is way of extracting sentiment from data. Typical usage would usually

Wordpress chat plugins, let your visitors speak to you!

WordPress: Website chat

I use two plugins on sites for live contact, but you should only see one – One for mobile, and one for desktop (as mobile

Wordpress, simple websites and a powerhouse of plugins

WordPress: Simple websites

WordPress is a great place to enable the complex needs of a businesses. My early experiences were not so great with it, but now it’s


Google: Vision API

Google Vision is a cloud based tool that gives accurate descriptions of images. The data returned is expansive, and useful in many different scenarios. This

Childify Me, create child themes for wordpress easily

WordPress: Childify plugin

Childify Me is used in WordPress for creating a theme that doesn’t get overwritten when your main theme is updated. When installed, folders and files

Trello, possibly the best team software EVER.

Trello: How is this free?

Trello has to be a near perfect addition to any project workflow, it’s simple to use for many different scenarios. Project workflow becomes like child’s

Google Place API, get detailed information on locations

Google: Places API

Google Places API is free for low volume usage. There are several ways to use the API. Typically for businesses it’s used to show the

Isotope, great way of sorting on screen information on websites

Isotope: Filtering & Sorting

Hmmm, some libraries scream quality, and add real value to your project. Metafizzy’s Isotope is a slick way to change position & visibility of objects,