Google Place API, get detailed information on locations

Google: Places API

Google Places API is free for low volume usage. There are several ways to use the API. Typically for businesses it’s used to show the

Isotope, great way of sorting on screen information on websites

Isotope: Filtering & Sorting

Hmmm, some libraries scream quality, and add real value to your project. Metafizzy’s Isotope is a slick way to change position & visibility of objects,

Ui8, the cleanest prefabs ever for Sketch

Ui8: Designers paradise

I’ll be featuring products from Ui8, a haven for pro design inspiration on this site, because it’s one of my favourite spots for fresh ideas.

Google Material Design, the library for clean design ethos

Clean UI: Material Design

Google’s Material Design is a set of UI guidelines for designers. It has many elements found in modern development, that give sites a better visual

Iconscout, all the icons you need for web development in Sketch app

Icondrop: SVG resource

Icondrop by iconscout is a plugin for Sketch and other design tools, that lets you drop SVG easily into projects. For typical UI elements such

Masonry, the standard in fancy grid display

Masonry: Slick product sorting

Masonry is a dream come true for a responsive site that uses small blocks of content. It allows content to move gracefully as the browser

Dribbble, home of awesome design ideas

Dribbble: UI inspiration

Dribbble is an essential resource for creative web design. In quiet moments between projects, I’d be flipping through the various content on dribbble for ideas,

Sketch App, the best tool for web prototyping

Sketch: Prototyping simplicity

I spent a year recently staring over the shoulder of an Adobe adept and still wasn’t impressed with their product line at all. It’s still

Bootstrap, easy and clean CSS/JS for a website application

Bootstrap: Responsive design

Bootstrap is a complete set of clean html elements you can start building a website from. You can customize everything, and there are plenty of