Trello: How is this free?

Trello, possibly the best team software EVER.

Trello has to be a near perfect addition to any project workflow, it’s simple to use for many different scenarios. Project workflow becomes like child’s play with its drag and drop functionality, enabling teams to work on advancing complex sets of tasks with ease.

Collaboration is all realtime, alerts are real-time, updates all in real-time. Your team members can all be working on the same content with little that can go wrong. This makes Trello invaluable for projects where organized data usually resides in a silo like google docs. Again, how on earth is this free? – I have 50+ boards at least, and still able to fire up more if I need them.

A simple trello board

The Trello team have made sure that all processes are solid and simple to use. Let’s say your getting quotes on a project from a few different people; You can copy the board across, and it will remove any comments made by the first person to quote, retaining only the source from the original board.

It supports all types on files and attachments (If you start uploading massive assets, here’s where they charge!). You can add and update assets with ease, and use their phone app to add photos immediately to a board.

Personal experience

I use Trello daily. From keeping notes on concepts, to final development plans with teams, I have found Trello fit for purpose. It’s a great team tool, and really shines when people get involved with it.

Use cases

Simple notes, organising just about anything, team based projects, solo projects, checklists, data capture.


I’ve had interns who’ve failed to engage with it, and they’ll miss the point of effective note-keeping – It’s not about them, the team need visibility on their progress (both good and bad). So training new team members into positive habits is vital, otherwise it’s all for nought.