Trello, possibly the best team software EVER.

Trello: How is this free?

Trello has to be a near perfect addition to any project workflow, it’s simple to use for many different scenarios. Project workflow becomes like child’s

Product Hunt, the site where you can see innovation as it happens

Product Hunt: Innovation hub

Once I had discovered Product Hunt, There was no looking back. For finding inspiration, it’s great, as a lot of the offerings are dead simple

Ui8, the cleanest prefabs ever for Sketch

Ui8: Designers paradise

I’ll be featuring products from Ui8, a haven for pro design inspiration on this site, because it’s one of my favourite spots for fresh ideas.

Codepen, code jams online

Codepen: Live code editing

*Your mobile experience may vary* Codepen is a great place to find and experiment with incredible code creations. The above example uses the Greensock (GSAP)

Dwitter, home of insane and optimal coders

Dwitter: Insane code skills

Dwitter is a code hub styled in the form of Twitter. Posters are limited to 140 characters to show off their graphical coding skills. It’s

Google Material Design, the library for clean design ethos

Clean UI: Material Design

Google’s Material Design is a set of UI guidelines for designers. It has many elements found in modern development, that give sites a better visual

Yippy, clustered search engine
data analysis

Yippy: Clustered searches

Yippy is an essential tool for research, and differs from normal search engines greatly. When you search for a term you get a clustered result

Dribbble, home of awesome design ideas

Dribbble: UI inspiration

Dribbble is an essential resource for creative web design. In quiet moments between projects, I’d be flipping through the various content on dribbble for ideas,

Semrush SEO

Semrush: SEO Overload!

Semrush offers a complete suite of tools for keyword analysis, and much more. If tasked with discovering the value, or usage of keywords, it truly