IBM Watson Tone analyser, helps process big social data

IBM: Watson tone analyser

When it comes to AI, IBM has some incredible tools. The Watson tone analyser is way of extracting sentiment from data. Typical usage would usually

Wordpress chat plugins, let your visitors speak to you!

WordPress: Website chat

I use two plugins on sites for live contact, but you should only see one – One for mobile, and one for desktop (as mobile


Google: Vision API

Google Vision is a cloud based tool that gives accurate descriptions of images. The data returned is expansive, and useful in many different scenarios. This

Product Hunt, the site where you can see innovation as it happens

Product Hunt: Innovation hub

Once I had discovered Product Hunt, There was no looking back. For finding inspiration, it’s great, as a lot of the offerings are dead simple

Isotope, great way of sorting on screen information on websites

Isotope: Filtering & Sorting

Hmmm, some libraries scream quality, and add real value to your project. Metafizzy’s Isotope is a slick way to change position & visibility of objects,

Aylien, home of great taxonomy analysis and other ML/AI tools

Aylien: Text analysis

Aylien is a tool for determining different strata in data. The taxonomy is my favorite, and when testing it out, it was great at identifying

Dwitter, home of insane and optimal coders

Dwitter: Insane code skills

Dwitter is a code hub styled in the form of Twitter. Posters are limited to 140 characters to show off their graphical coding skills. It’s

Masonry, the standard in fancy grid display

Masonry: Slick product sorting

Masonry is a dream come true for a responsive site that uses small blocks of content. It allows content to move gracefully as the browser

Semrush SEO

Semrush: SEO Overload!

Semrush offers a complete suite of tools for keyword analysis, and much more. If tasked with discovering the value, or usage of keywords, it truly