Dropbox: Online storage & sharing

Dropbox, online file storage

Dropbox is a great tool for sharing & storing files online. You are able to have a local folder on your main computer, and the folder can be synchronised across to other machines that you own. This is also applicable for team members. You can share a single folder, or file to whoever you give permission to.

A great way of storing files you need to access remotely

For teams, asset sharing is essential as a project progresses. You might need to involve other people outside your office, and Dropbox helps get the assets to those remote workers. Dropbox offers a small amount of space for free (enough to start projects), but then you pay to scale. It’s strength is it’s convenience and simple sharing methods. As people change files, everyone who is sharing the same folder will get the latest version (which can also be undone via their web based tools)

Personal experience

I started using Dropbox years ago for storing project files that needed to be opened on others machines, and it’s always been dependable. I’ve used it with larger projects, and can become a bit of a nightmare to handle if you don’t keep your folder structure organised from the start. You don’t want to be move thousands of files around, as this will cause all connected people’s folders to sync also.

Use cases

For personal storage, small or larger teams, this is a great solution for asset sharing.


You have to pay for larger amount of storage.