Isotope: Filtering & Sorting

Isotope, great way of sorting on screen information on websites

Hmmm, some libraries scream quality, and add real value to your project. Metafizzy’s Isotope is a slick way to change position & visibility of objects, through the use of javascript.

The demo in the link above shows off its slick slides. You click to sort various elements into their groups, which is interesting for e-commerce right away. This is a really nice dynamic way of showing tiles and cards off.

This works well with their other offering called ‘Masonry’. You can find this used on WordPress, as it makes products look awesome, as you choose various filters and categories.

Personal experience

We had a project that needed slick presentation of data, and it performs well on web based sites

Use cases

If you need items presented in a way that needs filtering and sorting.


Masonry and Isotope can be difficult to get control over via CSS