WordPress: Simple websites

Wordpress, simple websites and a powerhouse of plugins

WordPress is a great place to enable the complex needs of a businesses. My early experiences were not so great with it, but now it’s proving invaluable, becoming a stable place for creating a variety of sites (would be great to create apps for apple/droid direct from WP, but it’s not possible without a limited version of your creation).

I used to code a lot. I’d spend weeks making various functions to do simple things like link tracking, or community moderation tools. Over the years it became apparent that there were easier ways through WordPress. There are plugins for just about anything, some great, some useless.

Simple site editing

It does have its limitations, and I still find myself dipping into the code to get it to play nice. If you need a standard site that isn’t requiring bespoke features, then you’re golden. Otherwise, be prepared to nip in and ftp the fixes.

Personal experience

I’m finding wordpress a great way of creating sites quickly. I’m loving that I don’t have to spend months coding specific routines that are already there as available plugins.

Use cases

You need a site, blog, or something differing published to the web.


Some plugins don’t do what you need, and the platform itself and appear slow sometimes.