Fove: Eye tracking VR

Fove VR, eye tracking VR

Fove is a true step forward for VR. It’s leading the way with eye tracking that enables developers to only render what you are actually looking at. This means the GPU isn’t being strained by rendering millions of pixels across the whole viewport, and that you don’t need a monster GPU to run at extremely high resolutions and frame rates.

We are yet to experience these in the wild as of the the first quarter of 2019, but sure do hope that they become widely used over the Oculus/Vive headsets.

No more continual upgrades of GPU needed

I’m a huge fan since the early days of VR (running WoW on a tiny 120px headset badly). When I tried the Oculus dev kit, It was also impressive, but not quite there… The Fove however will be a huge leap forward if they pull it off. The GPU savings will be massive, and we’ll all get an immersive experience that will render us computer bound for many years!

Personal experience

None yet, just salivation at the potential gains for gamers.

Use cases

Games, medicine, 3D modelling visualisations


We’ll need Morpheus to unplug us from the matrix after a few weeks of complete absorption in this device.