Zapier: Automation heaven

Zapier, automate all the things!

Zapier is a tool for micromanagers that want a finger on every pulse in a business. It saves you having to chase down bedraggled teammates over their information delivery you asked for 5 minutes earlier. Joking aside, Zaps are an absolute timesaver and a living liquid of information flow beneath the surface of any tech-enabled business.

How does it work? It’s simple, you set up ‘zaps’ that link one function to another. For example, you might need to get an alert whenever a team member commits to GIT, or a support mail arrives at a specific mailbox. Or that the support mail gets added to a Trello board.

Tools like this alleviate the siloing of information inside a business, which when witnessed, is painful to watch; A silo is a stagnation that can destroy a business. With Zapier you get to pipe the information right to who needs it, right at the moment it happens.

Personal experience

Zapier is very simple to use. Takes moments to get things running.

Use cases

For anything where data capture is needed


Doesn’t represent project timelines very well, and then plugins that do ask for complete (aggressive) permissions (not board based), so kiss your NDA goodbye!