Tumult Hype: Demo animations

Tumult Hype, create animations in html5 with ease

Tumult Hype is a tool for creating animations, and it can export these out to cross platform web based files. Let that sink in… You can can create anything from cartoons, to websites – both interactive also. This is an invaluable tool for prototyping, or product demos. You can then host the code online, or run it within presentation software that supports html5.

You can also mirror the code on your devices (phones,ipads etc) through the Hype Reflect tool.

Clean and easy to use

This is Mac only, I won’t go on a Windows rant – Just go buy a Mac already!

Personal experience

I’ve created interactive animations that were fairly complex, and they worked well on other platforms. You can make small things (like button animations), or huge presentations (watch the file size!)

Use cases

When you need to create an animation, prototype, fancy spinning logo, or assets for presentations.


It’s Mac only, which isn’t a con really.