WordPress: Website chat

Wordpress chat plugins, let your visitors speak to you!

I use two plugins on sites for live contact, but you should only see one – One for mobile, and one for desktop (as mobile devices can usually use the phone functions, and desktop would use a chat client) For mobile, I use the Call now plugin which lets visitors on their mobile devices ring […]

WordPress: Simple websites

Wordpress, simple websites and a powerhouse of plugins

WordPress is a great place to enable the complex needs of a businesses. My early experiences were not so great with it, but now it’s proving invaluable, becoming a stable place for creating a variety of sites (would be great to create apps for apple/droid direct from WP, but it’s not possible without a limited […]

Isotope: Filtering & Sorting

Isotope, great way of sorting on screen information on websites

Hmmm, some libraries scream quality, and add real value to your project. Metafizzy’s Isotope is a slick way to change position & visibility of objects, through the use of javascript. The demo in the link above shows off its slick slides. You click to sort various elements into their groups, which is interesting for e-commerce […]

Masonry: Slick product sorting

Masonry, the standard in fancy grid display

Masonry is a dream come true for a responsive site that uses small blocks of content. It allows content to move gracefully as the browser size changes, or mobile device is rotates to landscape or portrait view. You can also add cool loading animations as object load dynamically (lazy loading, or infinite scroll being an […]

WordPress: What the file plugin

What the File plugin for wordpress, see what files are being used

What the file is a wordpress plugin that lets you see the files used in the construction of your wordpress site. This is useful for finding the files used on specific pages for editing purposes. The plugin works immediately upon installation, and subsequently accessed in the wordpress top bar (see below). Personal experience I used […]

GTmetrix: website speed

GTmetrix, a tool for debugging and speeding up websites

GTmetrix‌ is a tool for analysing you (or your clients) website for components that slow down the delivery of the code to the visitors browser. It gives you a breakdown of the exact files which are causing problems, and most the time a fix for them. A quick Google search for the other problems revealed […]