Trello: How is this free?

Trello, possibly the best team software EVER.

Trello has to be a near perfect addition to any project workflow, it’s simple to use for many different scenarios. Project workflow becomes like child’s play with its drag and drop functionality, enabling teams to work on advancing complex sets of tasks with ease. Collaboration is all realtime, alerts are real-time, updates all in real-time. […]

Dropbox: Online storage & sharing

Dropbox, online file storage

Dropbox is a great tool for sharing & storing files online. You are able to have a local folder on your main computer, and the folder can be synchronised across to other machines that you own. This is also applicable for team members. You can share a single folder, or file to whoever you give […]

Google Docs: Cloud for your crowd

Google Docs, the standard for online collaboration

Google Docs is a cloud based tool for creating and editing documents. Quite a simple purpose, but it has a few tricks up its sleeves, like not crashing out like Microsoft word halfway through your masterpiece. But more seriously, you can have multiple authors working on one document with various privileges, making it an amazing […]

Slack: Team hub

Slack, team chat and file sharing

I met Slack while I was getting into Zapier, while looking through all the things it could automate. Our team was using Skype to do all the main communications, but there’s no open API to enable automation. However Slack had an API and Zapier could pipe any information from other apps with ease. We had […]

Zapier: Automation heaven

Zapier, automate all the things!

Zapier is a tool for micromanagers that want a finger on every pulse in a business. It saves you having to chase down bedraggled teammates over their information delivery you asked for 5 minutes earlier. Joking aside, Zaps are an absolute timesaver and a living liquid of information flow beneath the surface of any tech-enabled […]

Smart watch: In the workplace

Smart watches in the workplace

Smart watches (like the Apple watch) are great tools for project management. I have a passion for information flow, and getting alerts on different events within an organisation helps expedite decision making. When you pair the alerts with triggers setup in something like Zapier, you can tailor the alerts to what you really need to […]