Google: Vision API

Google Vision is a cloud based tool that gives accurate descriptions of images. The data returned is expansive, and useful in many different scenarios. This means you can bulk process images to get data you need for analysis, or metrics. And as with all Google API, they are easy to work with. Personal experience I […]

Trello: How is this free?

Trello, possibly the best team software EVER.

Trello has to be a near perfect addition to any project workflow, it’s simple to use for many different scenarios. Project workflow becomes like child’s play with its drag and drop functionality, enabling teams to work on advancing complex sets of tasks with ease. Collaboration is all realtime, alerts are real-time, updates all in real-time. […]

Google: Places API

Google Place API, get detailed information on locations

Google Places API is free for low volume usage. There are several ways to use the API. Typically for businesses it’s used to show the location of the business to enable customers to find them. There is more data available when using it, which is used to find the review level of the location. Also […]

Aylien: Text analysis

Aylien, home of great taxonomy analysis and other ML/AI tools

Aylien is a tool for determining different strata in data. The taxonomy is my favorite, and when testing it out, it was great at identifying the roots of the language used in various web pages. They also provide sentiment analysis among other features in their growing toolset. It’s also great that you can play with […]

Twitter: Social media API

twitter api

The Twitter developer API is a great way to start with social media data analysis. You get free access to masses of data (though a rate limited API, you get a lot of useful data). After the free tier, you can request access to their streaming API which can deliver tweets in real-time (or gain […]

Zapier: Automation heaven

Zapier, automate all the things!

Zapier is a tool for micromanagers that want a finger on every pulse in a business. It saves you having to chase down bedraggled teammates over their information delivery you asked for 5 minutes earlier. Joking aside, Zaps are an absolute timesaver and a living liquid of information flow beneath the surface of any tech-enabled […]