IBM: Watson tone analyser

IBM Watson Tone analyser, helps process big social data

When it comes to AI, IBM has some incredible tools. The Watson tone analyser is way of extracting sentiment from data. Typical usage would usually be social data that a business needs to analyse for responses about their entity, or a product release for example. There are many more applications for this type of data […]

Google: Vision API

Google Vision is a cloud based tool that gives accurate descriptions of images. The data returned is expansive, and useful in many different scenarios. This means you can bulk process images to get data you need for analysis, or metrics. And as with all Google API, they are easy to work with. Personal experience I […]

Aylien: Text analysis

Aylien, home of great taxonomy analysis and other ML/AI tools

Aylien is a tool for determining different strata in data. The taxonomy is my favorite, and when testing it out, it was great at identifying the roots of the language used in various web pages. They also provide sentiment analysis among other features in their growing toolset. It’s also great that you can play with […]

Python: Natural language library

Python Natural Language Kit, simply amazing library for working with language

I discovered the Natural language toolkit working through Python tutorials. Working with specific issues in language analysis, the NLTK‌ library had everything needed to analyse groups of words in sections of text. It was then possible to parse groups of words that were a description in 4,5,6,etc ‘n-grams’. For example, coherent sentence sections to be […]