Smart watch: In the workplace

Smart watches in the workplace

Smart watches (like the Apple watch) are great tools for project management. I have a passion for information flow, and getting alerts on different events within an organisation helps expedite decision making.

When you pair the alerts with triggers setup in something like Zapier, you can tailor the alerts to what you really need to know about. You can get notified most events that happen on your phone or computer, which means you are always connected to the pulse of your company. Getting silent reminders right on the wrist is great for a discrete usage.

Typical alerts on a smart watch

You can get notified about events in slack, skype, trello, GIT, and pretty much anything else online. This is a powerful tool for managers where time can be a cost factor. Checking the time isn’t really what the watch is for; It’s all about the alerts. Anything requiring action? The phone is used to respond.

Personal experience

I use mine daily. I’ve used it in projects where I’ve needed to monitor GIT commits and nip issues in the bud. It enable me to be responsive in the team environment.

Use cases

Typically, when you need alerts when something happens. Or, to monitor progress of events.


You can’t respond fully or effectively without a phone.