Run By Idiots


We wanted to quickly create a fun meme site, with community uploads of content, but in the style of a newspaper style theme. We prepared content generation tools, and added a few plugins to speed up the editing process.

This is a fairly simple site, but was more of a time challenge for us to get used to new themes, and navigating around what can sometimes be strange systems developed by third parties. Then onto making the site load as fast as possible for SEO improvements. GTMetrix was used to debug the various errors, and then managed to get the site loading very swiftly.

Look at that A class SEO rating, and then look at the size of the site.

The theme had come from Envato (now affectionately called a ‘cockroach motel’ because of the amount of bugs present in most of their offerings). I’m yet to find anything stable or useful from there.

Themes can be the single biggest time sink with WordPress development, as you can be 80% the way through the site construction and suddenly find something that isn’t working as intended… It’s then an expensive trip to a senior dev on Upwork to get it functioning. Themes are no fun until you find something stable.