Product Hunt: Innovation hub

Product Hunt, the site where you can see innovation as it happens

Once I had discovered Product Hunt, There was no looking back. For finding inspiration, it’s great, as a lot of the offerings are dead simple to understand, and the voting system pushes the cream up to the top.

Full of great ideas

This is the ‘Dribbble’, for startups pushing out quirky inventions & innovations in both the physical & software world. It’s peer voted, and there’s a steady stream of useful and not so useful creations to inspire ideas, or to integrate into your own stacks.

It’s also mobile ready, so makes it easy to graze on ideas just about anywhere.

Inspirational content

Using sites like this enable the creation of IP. Not to steal someone’s idea, but to expand the realm of what’s possible. Each cool idea impacts on your own creation – be it UI/UX, or new core concepts. This is an oasis of inspiration.

Personal experience

I scan Product hunt every few days and absorb the various offerings. Finding these sorts of ideas tends to add to one’s own creativity, and lets you expand your own offerings for clients. I found getting exposed to all the features enabled me to think outside the box in regards to product development. It really helps you to see what’s possible.

Use cases

You can hunt for time saving tools, or get fresh ideas to increase your creative pool to dip into.


There’s a lot of crap on there, and people are squeezing their offerings on there that are just paywalls.