Icondrop: SVG resource

Iconscout, all the icons you need for web development in Sketch app

Icondrop by iconscout is a plugin for Sketch and other design tools, that lets you drop SVG easily into projects. For typical UI elements such as arrows, or menu items, you’ll find yourself using icondrop for most interface design needs. There are enough free ones in there to complete most standard UI needs.

Lots of nice SVG you can colour to taste

The impact on workflow is amazing, and like most Sketch plugins, they become part of the design process. However, icondrop gets used for the icons used extensively in mobile development, as text isn’t suited for limited screen space. Mobile app development becomes fluidic, and as an example, you can create many prototypes for a client to mull over.

It has a simple search function with filters to allow the sourcing of the free content easily.

Personal experience

I use this all the time, it’s near perfect integration into Sketch makes life easy for rapid prototyping.

Use cases

When you need icons for apps and websites.


Minor niggle, you have to create a group object to import the icon – but it’s forgiven once you get used to it.