Our process

Your input

To move forward in the right direction we have to understand your current situation, and other factors in your sector. We will work closely with you to build an understanding of your online needs.

Analysis & Brainstorm

We start to build a picture of your current needs, of potentials that might have been missed (other sources of income for example), and build a profile of your goal. We brainstorm to find other points of value, and ways to innovate in your space.

Mockups & Design

We start the design process early, and build rapid prototypes from wireframes. This is the quickest way of getting feedback on what your final vision should be. You are included in the processes if you want to guide the designers to the end result.

Roll out

We can either roll out to your own servers, or custom hardware configurations. We aim to reduce downtime, and attend the rollout to catch any bugs that might occur.


Once it's live, sometimes small changes need to be made, servers maintained, or other duties. We pride ourselves on a customer centric approach to solving any problems after launch, with a low cost maintenance contract.

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