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explore galore


This site was the refinement of various technologies we’d been working on for truly dynamic ‘app’ for the web. Masses of complexity hidden behind the simplest UI innovations available.

The challenge was to give local people access to information in a clean and simple way, and give them tools to contribute content; Becoming a self maintaining site that the community can update.

The UI innovations were made with jQuery live loading what was needed into the WordPress grid items within Masonry. This couldn’t be solved with hacking some plugins to our needs. We had to manually code all of it.

All the visitor actions are logged, enabling possible monetisation of metrics, or sponsored cards. We also created a unique innovation for sharing, and link shortening built in. You could login simply (one field), and create groups of favourites that could be shared simply for another person to see as you see it.

We are very proud of this creation. It took around 3 years to research, and understand the issues at hand and come up with something as graceful as this.

Desktop view of the mobile app, a benefit of responsive development