Dwitter: Insane code skills

Dwitter, home of insane and optimal coders

Dwitter is a code hub styled in the form of Twitter. Posters are limited to 140 characters to show off their graphical coding skills. It’s fairly scary at the quality of some of the offerings (the code above is 137 characters).

It reminds me of the challenge people used to face years back. We now have super-powered devices and don’t really worry much about optimisations in the code. The video below was released circa 2000, and they fit the showreel, and music into 64kb.

You can’t even imagine the AWE at the effort that went into this.

Seven years later they were still winning competitions with the video below; In short, they have the ability to produce great demoscene products.

These coders squeeze the power out of the hardware. It’s impressive to watch, and worth considering if developing quality in a small footprint.

Personal experience

I’ve met people who do this, and I’d aspire to be be like them. Except they have a godlike ability to math everything to death.

Use cases

You want to develop an impressive game, or insert complexity into a tiny EPROM


You wouldn’t be able to pay these people their worth