Aylien: Text analysis

Aylien, home of great taxonomy analysis and other ML/AI tools

Aylien is a tool for determining different strata in data. The taxonomy is my favorite, and when testing it out, it was great at identifying the roots of the language used in various web pages. They also provide sentiment analysis among other features in their growing toolset.

Unerring accuracy

It’s also great that you can play with the tool right on their site, no sign up. This means you can quickly run some tests to see if their product is going to be helpful. The value for being able to categorise data quickly should never be underestimated.

Personal experience

I tested theories with the free api, and found it fine for the subject matter I was dealing with (don’t you just love NDA? 😉

Use cases

If you want to classify masses of data, it’s perfect


It can be fooled like any AI, but the success rate is very high.