Admob: Mobile advertising

Google Admob, creative advertising options for mobile development

Google’s Admob is a simple way to get revenue from in-app advertising. The implementation happens with minimal coding knowledge. For example, I’ve added this to an Angular mobile app and showed test ads via the ionic dev app. This means apps are earning micro-payments while used.

The admin area gives you analytics from the the adverts that are running, and seeing your earnings live. You can hook up Firebase for increased analytics, which enables you to gauge what is working and what isn’t.

Rewarding visitors with in app freebies

Personal experience

We found the integration fairly painless with the Ionic/Angular framework. You know it’s starting to work in two ways, either you get a black screen, or you have the testing flag on and you see the test ads. The black screen usually means that the ads are not serving yet, and might take some days to update.

Use cases

Typically ads are used to generate micro-income from usage, the amounts are tiny for the impressions. However, there’s a HUGE monetization potential in interstitial adverts, where you can add rewards for watching a video, giving you options for luring your app visitors with virtual rewards.


Users can churn from app & sites with annoying adverts. They are best used sparingly.