Tarot Readings

You can get readings in person.  Please use the contact form at bottom of site to clarify times and costs.  Readings can take 30 to 60 minutes depending if a short question or a full profile reading.


Tarot is a great form of self discovery that helps you get an understanding of yourself & other people. There are problems with self tuition, such as the mass of information that can confuse the reader more, and no clear pathway to a guided experience.  Also, each person is unique and needs an individual approach to the mysteries contained in the Tarot, and my aim is to find the best approach for yourself, and to guide in a way that doesn't interfere with your own needs.
Tuition involves book buying guides and continued support to develop your ability as you need it.  For costings, please use the contact form at the bottom of this site.

Email readings

Readings are supplied in a personally tailored text/pdf, these take about 24-48 hours.  You can request a short question about yourself or another situation.
There is also a complete analysis of your current influences and direction.
Short reading (2 questions - €20) Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Complete analysis €40 Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


For decades, Matt had a passion for finding links in shared experiences, and found that the Tarot was a great medium for explaining the complexity of the human experience in simple ways. The Tarot is a great tool for translating how we work as people, and can bring much clarity amid these confusing times.



In 22 PATHS OF INPERFECTION, I offer insights from over twenty years of working with the tarot, and the ongoing journey of self-discovery. This is an honest and raw look at the twenty-two major arcana and how they relate to human concerns such as suffering, depression, and the spark that leads us to strange places in life. Here is a guide for traversing the corridors of doubt, depression, and elation. By following the paths through the Tree of Life, and putting the cards into a distinctly human perspective, this little book extends a helping hand to anyone seeking passage through the murky waters of their psyche and up into the wide sky beyond.

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